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Enchanted By The Universe
This isn't your regular astrology blog. All signs get their fair share of attention, the good, the bad, the wonderful. This is a blog designed so you can learn all about Astrology, Numerology and Tarot. Enjoy!

The Benefit of Your Ascendant

Rising Aries: You may not always feel like you have it together, but people will assume you do. The luxury of appearing confident when you may not actually be will help you out numerous times in your life.

Rising Taurus: Finesse and aestheticism will follow you forever. Even if your personal style is thrown together or sloppy, people will be into it and look to you for creative inspiration.

Rising Gemini: Many people will see you as a friend due to the way you present yourself and speak to others. You're responsive, witty, and somewhat detached when meeting people, even if that's not you 100% of the time.

Rising Cancer: You can appear rather tough, but this makes people want to please you and be in your good graces. This is exceptionally helpful in attracting true and meaningful people in your life.

Rising Leo: You're most likely someone who smiles a lot and will usually make a sparkly first impression. The feeling you leave upon others creates connections and helps you out greatly in your career.

Rising Virgo: People will see you as put-together and graceful. You may even find yourself surprising people that you're more laid back than they assumed upon first meeting you. You usually fall into the reluctant leader position.

Rising Libra: Friendliness takes you everywhere. You will draw many people toward you in your life and make many acquaintances wherever you go. But sometimes this could mean attracting the wrong kind of people!

Rising Scorpio: Sex appeal and a sort of mysterious quality makes people want to get to know you. People will think you're interesting even when you feel particularly not. This will be more useful to you as you mature.

Rising Sagittarius: You will be able to charm yourself in and out of situations, but the best part is that you're sincere and people see that. This will be your safety net in life.

Rising Capricorn: You won't always make the best impressions, but people will respect you with ease and the loyalty that follows you will do so for the rest of your life, providing the comfort you seek.

Rising Aquarius: Likable, funny, and not one to be messed with is how others will see you. Even when you're just in a so-so mood, it won't be off putting, and people will identify with you.

Rising Pisces: People will come to you for help and trust you without any logical reason to. You will touch people with a listening ear and they'll always remember you--a quality that will be returned back to you.

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