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Enchanted By The Universe
This isn't your regular astrology blog. All signs get their fair share of attention, the good, the bad, the wonderful. This is a blog designed so you can learn all about Astrology, Numerology and Tarot. Enjoy!

The Heart of Each Sign

Aries: Drive. Drive to make your dreams come true, and always push forward. A fighter's spirit.

Taurus: Inner strength. Work hard, so you can play like there's no tomorrow. Life is too short to not live well.

Gemini: Connection. You don't believe in possessing anyone or anything. To you, this is the beauty of life.

Cancer: Perspective. Your mind and emotions create the perfect blend of raw ability. You're an Ace.

Leo: Gusto. Halfway simply isn't an option. You are able to inspire and move forward with your energy.

Virgo: Accomplished. If it can't be done by anyone else, you become the pioneer to make it happen, and you do it gracefully and perfectly.

Libra: Understanding. Your heart of gold is the kind they write about in fairy tales. You are the muse and the artist.

Scorpio: Instinctual. A power lives within you that you cannot explain, but it always puts you right where you need to be.

Sagittarius: Dreams. Your strongest notion in life is how intensely you believe in yourself. You follow your dreams until they manifest.

Capricorn: Longevity. You not only have the ability to survive, but you also surpass. There is nothing you can't do.

Aquarius: Idealism. Strung out on your beliefs, you are able to go to the ends of the earth to do what is right, not only for yourself, but for others as well.

Pisces: Sacrifice. Your power to heal and improve touches everyone for the rest of their lives. Truly unforgettable.

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