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Enchanted By The Universe
This isn't your regular astrology blog. All signs get their fair share of attention, the good, the bad, the wonderful. This is a blog designed so you can learn all about Astrology, Numerology and Tarot. Enjoy!

Well known people who fit their sun sign:

  1. Aries: Emma Watson. She is vivacious, charming, unafraid to speak her mind, independent. It’s easy to see the fire in her whilst giving her all in each role she takes as an actress—constantly pushing herself forward. She doesn’t mind taking the first leap and setting a good example. Her energy is unmistaken. She is a mover and a shaker, with incredible staying power.
  2. Taurus: Eva Peron. She used her natural Taurus Venusian gifts to charm a country who loved her dearly. She was also a hard worker, who didn’t start with much, but she relied on her determination and patience, showed a kind heart, and saw the long-term goal to not only create a life of meaning for herself but for others. She was also a champion of women’s rights, becoming outspoken in regards to subjects that she was passionate about. 
  3. Gemini: Christopher Lee. You may know him Saruman, among many other roles. Truly a jack of all trades, he knows numerous languages fluently, is a musician, as well as other talents and skills. He is a man who decided to never let the grass grow beneath his feet and attack life with open eyes. He pursues what interests him, uses information to carry him further in life, and does it all with incredible charm and finesse. 
  4. Cancer: Vin Diesel. Tough appearances, strong demeanor. However, he epitomizes a very down to earth person underneath his exterior. He is not one whom in the limelight tries to become someone he is not. Values his friendships and close ones by keeping a relatively private and quiet life. He rises to the top silently and doesn’t kid himself about his talents. He sees his own strengths and capitalizes on them. 
  5. Leo: Madonna. Might be a typical answer, but she epitomizes Leo. She holds herself in high regard and not only does she clearly demand the best from others, but from herself. She is a perfectionist who knows how to hold her own. Her Leo magnetism made her who she was: she saw herself as a star and then became one. She thinks big, senses what others want, and she delivers. 
  6. Virgo: Beyonce. Another powerhouse, but Beyonce is vastly down-to-earth. She is also a perfectionist like her neighbor, Leo. Although her persona is larger than life, it is done in an intimate, calculated way. She speaks carefully and gracefully. She reminds everyone that she puts tremendous work into herself and her music while her ruler Mercury is seen with her attention to detail. her career has been on a steady rise, valuing the long term and not giving into trends around her. 
  7. Libra: Will Smith. Such an obvious Libra. He brings people together around him, always with a smile, or respectful towards those he speaks to. His charm is out of this world, emanating a certain star quality, yet, he doesn’t let his ego get the best of him; he remains in view as someone you’d want to have over and hang out with. He has a sense of humor that appeals to masses and is a personality that most people find relation to. 
  8. Scorpio: Sylvia Plath. She embraced her darkness and wrote many relateable works that allowed people to realize that their deeper and less pleasant thoughts and feelings were not uncommon. She was incredibly sensitive, observant, and passionate. She wasn’t afraid of her emotions and although she did struggle with depression and ended her own life, she accimplished much while she was alive, pursuing for more. 
  9. Sagittarius: Ian Somerhalder. He is a big thinker, driven to help out in his community and the world. He carries himself with charm, sees the humor in situations and lives a passionate adventure. He  immerses himself in his projects and career, yet still aims for more, never quite satisfied, making connections and friends.His zeal for life is his most apparent Sag trait. 
  10. Capricorn: Martin Luther King Jr. He was goal-oriented, keeping a clear vision in mind as he embarked and tackled segregation. He spoke with vigor and with purpose, never speaking round-aboutly, but simply. He didn’t mind the work load, he saw his purpose, his use, and gave 110% to his passions. He assumed the role of leader not because he wanted to be one, but because people needed one, taking himself and the world seriously in order to initiate change. 
  11. Aquarius:Ellen Degeneres. As she has gotten older, she has only become more comfortable with who she is, embracing and sharing her confidence in herself with the world. She is accepting, a humanitarian, and not afraid to speak her mind on important issues. While she is outgoing and friendly, she also deeply values her loved ones and personal time.Ellen is a forward-thinker, innovative, and yet, she is refreshingly uncomplicated. 
  12. Pisces: Kurt Cobain. Artistic, emotionally fueled, full of insight and depth. He was an avid escapist as he was a heroin addict with huge talent that he cultivated because of how it made him feel. Deeply sensitive and devoted to his passions, friendly, but somewhat caught up in his own mind. He didn’t handle pressures well, though his love for his family seemed to remain constant. 

Hi love! Wow, thank you so much, I truly appreciate the kindness, more than I can say.

Yes, your dominant signs are those that show up the most in your chart, but Leo stands out as well, as it rules not only your Moon, but your Rising Sign. 

HERE is a guide to finding out your dominant sign/s. Yours will most likely be Aquarius, Pisces, and Leo, but it doesn’t hurt to tally it all up and see. Also, this is a great way at seeing what your dominant element and quality is. 

HERE is the general explanation of how to understand dominant signs.

I will make a post linking everyone to how their dominant sign influences them, I hope this will help!


Wow, thank you very much! I am happy to know you are enjoying the blog :)

Hm, perceptive… let’s clarify and say we are talking about signs who can get to the root of a matter, and see people and situations for what they really are, the top 3 would be:

  1. Scorpio
  2. Capricorn
  3. Aquarius

Of course they can. Any sign can with the right amount of dedication, patience, attention to detail, and work ethic. 


Please share from my Facebook page that I made for this blog. Everything you need should be there.

Thank you dear!

The 12 Zodiac Signs Sense of Humor: Quick Reference Guide

Aries: Goofy, physical humor comes most naturally. These are some of the top mimics in the Zodiac! But they are also known to be quite witty out of the blue.

Taurus: Observational humor. They are usually unintentionally hilarious, and can take a step back and laugh at themselves too!

Gemini: Quick on the uptake, they remember jokes really well and can laugh at just about anything, This sign is most prone to making fun of someone, but not in a mean way, it's usually because they're interested.

Cancer: This sign has an endearing self-deprecating way of being funny. As simple as a silly facial expression or pretending to be serious when they're not.

Leo: This sign tends to take everything in around them and deliver it verbally with a bit of exaggeration that not only is hilarious, but leaves you wanting to hear more. They know when they have you hooked, too.

Virgo: The pissed, but not pissed, complaining, but not complaining, snarky wit about people and their lives is usually very humorous and entertaining.

Libra: A little strife and sarcasm send Libra going a long way! Once they lose the cool exterior and start, there's no stopping their story telling humor.

Scorpio: Sarcasm all the way. Comments here, comments there; it's borderline rude, borderline passive aggressive, but funny nonetheless!

Sagittarius: Everything in life can be turned into some hilarious experience. A combination of observational humor, sarcasm, and exaggeration is where it's at for this sign.

Capricorn: The no smile facade lives here. This sign can keep a straight face until they start laughing at themselves with a sharp uptake on what's happening.

Aquarius: Just naturally funny. They don't really try to be a joke teller or anything. Often times they're bewildered that they're being funny and start laughing right along with the others.

Pisces: This sign ranges from cute storytelling to down right obnoxious. They milk it too, taking all the time they need to have your attention and make you laugh.

My Great Loves have been:

  • Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Moon, Gemini Rising
  • Aries Sun, Libra Moon, Pisces Rising
  • Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon, Libra Rising

A Sagittarius man in love is a man who wakes up every day knowing that when he goes out into the world, he has someone amazing standing next to him through the good and the bad. This thought alone allows his confidence to rise, feeling as though he can conquer the world, come home and still feel that he has the world at his side. He doesn’t lose himself in love, in fact, a Sag man in love allows him to rise to greater levels of self-discovery. He truly wants to be a better person for his partner and he is quite open to learning and compromise when he is mature and ready to do so. He will want his partner to go on adventures with him. He wants to travel and experience anything that comes his way and he needs someone who will be up for the adventure, never letting the passion fade along the way. He is a sensual, tactile, and open-hearted lover and once his heart is given to that special person, he intends to be in a relationship that will go down in history. 

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